Favipiravir, a Japanese Corona Drug and the Regime’s Criminal Cover-Up

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Favipiravir or Avigan – Japanese drug for COVID-19

On April 1, 2020, there was controversial news about the outbreak of coronavirus. An Iranian doctor’s dispute with the Ministry of Health over a Japanese drug that is said to have had a positive effect on several patients with coronavirus has been positive. It has been able to control the disease.

Mohammad Reza Hashemian, who is said to be one of the most skilled and efficient doctors at Masih Daneshvari Hospital in the field of coronary artery bypass grafting, criticized the Ministry of Health for preventing the treatment of patients with Japanese Favipiravir. The doctor said that 27 patients had made a definitive recovery from the 30 patients who had used the drug.

Following the doctor’s remarks in cyberspace, the Ministry of Health accused him of violating the law, saying that “conducting any interviews and presenting any report as a confirmation or…

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Q&A with Ali Safavi on the Cause of the Coronavirus Spread in Iran – NCRI

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Ali Safavifrom the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

The Iranian regime is attempting to hoodwink the world community into believing that international sanctions are the cause of the disastrous scope of the coronavirus in Iran.Nothing could be further from the truth. The mullahs, and only the mullahs, are to blame not only for the rapid spread of the virus to all of Iran’s 31 provinces but also to at least 17 other countries.
The fact is that the regime knew about the presence of coronavirus at least as early as January 28. These are thedocumentsfrom the National Emergency Organization showing that first responders had taken nine patients, including three Iranian employees of the Chinese embassy in Tehran to Massieh Daneshvar hospital and other hospitals in the Capital from January 28th to February 5th. All had been diagnosed with coronavirus.
The regime…

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Iran Coronavirus Outbreak; The Mullahs Regime Is Murdering Political Prisoners With COVID-19

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Political prisoners, as well as the entire Iranian society, are fighting two viruses: coronavirus and the regime’s rule.
Iran is one of the most vulnerable centers hit by coronavirus due to the regime’s negligence.
Based on eyewitness reports from Iran’s main prisons, all inmates are in grave danger. Coronavirus is spreading in the Greater Tehran, Rajaii-Shahr (Gohardasht-Karaj), Karaj Central, Qezel Hesar, Urmia, Sheiban, and Kashan prisons. Prisoners of conscience in Ahvaz, Zahedan, Qouchan, and Sanandaj have contracted coronavirus.
The Iranian regime has exploited the coronavirus crisis to heighten pressure on political prisoners and even have them killed in secret, according to reports from inmates’ relatives.
Scores of people arrested during the nationwide November 2019 protests are in eminent danger. The 5th ward of Greater Tehran Prison is allocated to such inmates. Several among them are already infected with COVID-19.
On Friday, February 28, Amnesty International called for urgent action to…

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Is Iran on the Verge of a Nationwide Rebellion?

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An analysis by a think-tank of Khamenei’s faction

On March 14, the state-runMizandaily, which is affiliated with the Iranian regime’s judiciary,publishedananalysis conducted by the “Asrathink-tank” over the Iranian society’scurrentsituation after thecoronavirus outbreak, titled “Coronavirus and confrontation at several fronts.”

TheAsrathink tank is affiliated with the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. Those who collaborated on this analysis are all regime loyalists, including Abas-AliKadkhodai, the Guardian Council’s spokesperson,and MehrdadBazrpash, a theoretician of the supreme leader’s faction. This analytical report clearly demonstrates the extent of the coronavirus outbreak and the regime’s increasing fear of a popular uprising due toits cover-up andfailure inmanaging the crisis.

Summary of the important points that the report points to:

  • The coronavirus crisis should be seen within the frame of the current year. Last year was a special year within the last four decades, created from a chain of crises, one following another. Crises…

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How Iran’s Coronavirus Outbreak Began

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March 4, 2020—How Iran’s coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak began
Iran’s coronavirus outbreak.
Regime coverup rendering a deadly epidemic in Iran.

The death toll continues to rise amid the Iranian government’s continued denial of the coronavirus spread. On February 29, the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK announced over 500 people have died of COVID-19.
As the outbreak intensifies across Iran and new cases are discovered in different cities, regime officials continue to cover up the crisis’ scale.
From early February the regime was denying any coronavirus cases, fearing low voter turnouts in the February 21 parliamentary election sham.
Iran’s officials keeping a lid on the coronavirus outbreak helped further spread the virus.
On February 23, news leaked from Qom about two COVID-19 deaths.
On February 24, a member of the regime’s parliament shed light on 50 coronavirus deaths in just the city of Qom.
The Iranian government spokesman & deputy health minister rushed to…

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UN Urged to Act to Stop Secret Massacre of Detained Protesters in Iran

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Joint statement of the five NGOs with the UN consultative status

On the sidelines of the 44th United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva,which is being held from February 24 to March 20, five NGOs with the UN consultative status,submitteda joint statement,which was circulated amount UN member states.

Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational andTransparty, a non-governmental organization in general consultative status, Women’s Human Rights International Association, Edmund Rice International Limited, non-governmental organizations in special consultative status, International Educational Development, Inc., International Society for Human Rights, non-governmental organizations on the roster, submitted the joint written statement.

In this statement, several issues were raised including the nationwide Iran protests and the regime’s subsequent deadly crackdown, the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, mostly members and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK), and the ongoing human rights violation in Iranian prisons by the clerical regime. The NGOs urged the UN to…

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Coronavirus Spreads Across Iran While Regime Maintains Secrecy

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Iran: Coronavirus spreads across the Country

Contradictory newsby the Iranian regime’s state mediaofthecoronavirus spreadingin Iranconfirms the regime’s criminal secrecy. The news from Iran confirms that the regime was aware of the coronavirus’ spread three weeks ago and that the first victim was in the city of Qom.

On February 10, Hassan Rouhani’s government, in a declaration to the ministry of health, had demanded a general alert. In this regard, in an interview with the state-run ISNA news agency on February 24, Dr. Mehdi Shafii, Head of Department of Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases of Kerman University of Medical Sciences said: “From February 10, The government, in a statement to the Ministry of Health, called for all infrastructures in the provinces to be prepared for possible fight against the virus.” He continued: “Numerous meetings were held with the Kerman governorate and relevant agencies in Kerman province.”

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