Burning Khamenei’s Photos And Continuation Of Protests Across Iran

Iran uprising – No. 136

The youth continue expressing their anger and hatred against the corrupt and suppressive system of the Velayat-e faqih (The Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist) by burning Khamenei’s ominous images and writing graffiti on walls such as burning of a large banner of Khamenei in the northwest air defense base in Tabriz, which is a completely protected area, and also in Yasuj. Courageous youth also commemorated the martyrs of Ashraf by installing images of them who were killed during the regime’s criminal assault on Camp Ashraf on April 8, 2011.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, April 10-12, in addition to massive demonstrations of farmers and people in Isfahan, other cities in the country hosted the protests by deprived and oppressed classes:

From the morning of Thursday, April 12th, the farmers demonstrations in Isfahan and protests by teachers in Kerman, Shiraz students, looted people in Mashhad, the unemployed in Bushehr and … are taking place. Farmers in Isfahan today, in addition to insisting on the return of their water rights, called for the immediate release of those arrested on the previous day’s demonstrations.

On Wednesday, April 11, the expelled workers of the Ilam refinery demonstrated their poverty in a protest movement by spreading an empty table at the entrance to the refinery. Also on Tuesday, a group of workers in the refinery gathered in protest of non-payment of their claims. They called for job security and the return of their fired colleagues.

On the same day, farmers in the city of Rudbar Jonoub of Kerman, who plant tomatoes in the Jazmourian wetland, closed the Rudbar-Jazmoryan transit road for the second consecutive day in protest of the low tomato prices and the loss of their one-year work.

In Qazvin, workers of Iranian Metal Powder Corporation gathered in front of the governorate in protest of the failure to pay their salaries. The workers carried placards, which read: our New Year gift this year: expulsion, unemployment, poverty.

In Bandar Abbas, the workers of the municipality gathered in protest against the nonpayment of their salaries for several months.

Taxis drivers staged a protest gathering outside the governorate in Orumiyeh. The Revolutionary Guards have caused their unemployment and heavy loss by launching ‘internet taxi’. The taxi drivers of the Azimyeh Karajon Wednesday, and the taxi drivers of Sanandaj on Tuesday also staged gatherings in protest at deterioration of their living conditions.

In Ahvaz, the people looted by the Arman Vahdat Institute staged a protest gathering in front of a branch of this institute at Shariati Avenue. They chanted: What have done those behind the scene with our money?

On Tuesday, April 10, Kazerun residents gathered in front of Kazerun governorate for the second day in protest against the division of the country and the separation of some parts of the city. On the same day, a group of teachers and educators from the Khark island gathered in protest at cutting off some of the services by the oil company.

The workers of the Jam-e Jam printing house in Sari, who had become unemployed due to the closure of the factory and lacked the lowest level of job security, gathered in front of Mazandaran governorate.

Writing graffiti and posting leaflets on the walls in Tehran and other cities are continuing. In Tehran, this slogan is seen on the walls: “The prayer of every Iranian is the overthrow of this regime.” It is written on a wall in Jayhoun Street: “A dollar equals 6000 tomans; Khamenei is despicable.” In Boroujerdi Square, it is written in Turkish: “Long live freedom, death to Khamenei.” In Kashan, leaflets saying “Death to Khamenei and Rouhani, death on the principle of Velayat-e faqih was posted on walls in different neighborhoods.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 12, 2018


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