Iran: 38th Day of Demonstration of Steel Workers Supported by Ahvaz Citizens Despite Dozens of Arrests and Repressive Measures

The arrest of representatives of Ahvaz Steel workers and protesters, which started last midnight (Sunday, December 16), continued on Monday, December 17. The number of detainees has reached dozens, the names of 31 of whom have been published so far.

At the same time, the mullahs’ regime had stationed repressive forces from the Ministry of Intelligence, riot police and forces affiliated with the IRGC and IRGC intelligence in various sensitive locations in Ahvaz so that workers could not continue their protests. However, the workers, despite the fact that they were surrounded by oppressive forces in some places, continued to demonstrate with slogans such as: “Imprisoned workers must be freed”.

Workers, being threatened by repressive forces, said they would continue their demonstrations until the release of the arrested and achieving their demands.
Workers and laborers from different parts of Iran, including the Tehran Bus Company workers’ syndicate and truck drivers in various parts of Iran, expressed their solidarity with Ahvaz workers and called for the immediate release of the detainees.

Saluting the brave and adamant workers of Ahvaz, the Iranian Resistance described the brutal and mass arrests on Sunday night and on Monday as indication of the frustration of religious fascism in the face of the strikes and protests of workers, and called on all workers and youth and students, especially in Ahvaz and Khuzestan, to support the striking workers of Ahvaz. It also called on international human rights and workers’ rights advocates and workers’ unions and syndicates in different countries to support the striking workers who are protesting for their basic rights, and to take necessary measures for the release of the arrestees.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 17, 2018


Nationwide protests of teachers with the slogan: Political prisoners must be freed

National Council of Resistance of Iran
National Council of Resistance of Iran

Iran Uprising – No. 152 

On Thursday, May 10th, the working and retired educators in at least 32 cities in different parts of the country, including Tehran, Arak, Qazvin, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Homayoun Shahr, Shiraz, Mamasani, Shahreza, Shahrekord, Mashhad, Bojnourd, Birjand, Kazeroun, Saghez, Baneh, Sanandaj, Dehgolan, Marivan, Mahabad, Ghorveh, Ziviah, Divandareh, Tabriz, Rasht, Sari, Khoram Abad, Behbahan, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Hamedan, staged gatherings in protest to very low salaries, difficult livelihood and deprivation of minimum job benefits including efficient health insurance, and lack of job security and disregard for their demands.

In Tehran, the gathering was held in front of the parliament and the regime’s Planning and Budget Organization. They chanted slogans such as: Efficient insurance is our absolute right; Imprisoned teachers should be freed.  The teachers carried placards which read: Teachers, Workers, Students, United; Salary above the poverty line is the right of teachers; Bread, Labor, Freedom, Educational Justice; Access to quality, free and fair education is the right of all children. Repressive forces attacked the rally to disperse them. People confronted them by chanting: Our cries are because of all this injustice. In the attack, dozens were arrested and a number were injured. The eye of a female teacher was torn due to the severity of the blows. In order to prevent the spread of the news of this protest gathering, the mercenaries beat up the people and seized their mobile phones.

Teachers’ protests were held in front of the General Directorate of Education in different cities of the country.

In Kazeroon, the teachers gathered and chanted: Teacher dies, but does not accept discrimination; Imprisoned teachers must be freed. One of the placards read: The teacher’s place is in the classroom, not in prison.

In Sari, the teachers staged their gathering while chanting: “Free Imprisoned Teachers” and “Salaries above poverty line is the right of teachers and retirees;” and “Standard schools are the right of students and teachers”.

In Mamasani, the educators carried placards which read: The teacher’s place is in a classroom, not in a travel agency.

In Hamedan, the teachers carried a placard which read: “The enemies of teachers are the enemies of this homeland.”

In Isfahan, the teachers chanted: The teacher is awake and hates discrimination and poverty; our salaries are paid in Rial, while the costs are in Dollar; We don’t want incompetent minister. They carried placards which read: We demand that all forms of discrimination (ethnic, gender, religious, class) be eliminated from the structure of the educational system of the country; Independent and free form of organization is our right. They also called for free, high-quality and fair education.

In Marivan, teachers, in the placard they carried, condemned the suppression of teachers’ gatherings in Tehran.

In Mashhad, the educators carried placards which read: Stop privatization of education. They demanded free education up to the end of high school and development of higher education in the country.

In Kermanshah, the protesters carried placards which read: Independent organization is our absolute right. They called inattention to education as the cause of poverty, injustice, discrimination and embezzlement.

In Shiraz, referring to the difficult livelihood of educators and the horrific situation of education, the speakers pointed out the thefts by the government officials.

In Bushehr, teachers staged a symbolic funeral ceremony for destruction of the education in the country.

In Khorramabad, the placards read: Efficient insurance is the teacher’s right.

In Bojnourd, the agents of the repressive forces surrounded the gathering to prevent taking any photo or video from the gathering.

While saluting the working and retired teachers and educators, the Iranian Resistances calls on all the people, especially the youth, to show their solidarity with the educators who are deprived of their most basic rights and live in a very difficult situation. The unity of all oppressed walks of society guarantees Iran’s liberation from the misery of the mullahs’ regime and the establishment of democracy and freedom and well-being for all the people of Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

May 10, 2018

The Iranian People Want Regime Change, and They Want It Now

The Iranian People Want Regime Change, and They Want It Now

NCRI – While pundits were surprised by the recent protests that erupted in Iran at the end of 2017, and into early 2018, unrest has been simmering in Iran for quite a while.

Playing an important role in organizing the protests and breaking through government censorship to keep the world informed about them, was the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), who comprise the principal opposition movement against the regime.

The protests are said to have broken out in more than 140 localities. Chants such as, “Down with Rouhani”, and “down with Khamenei”, as well as “no to hardliners; no to reformers; this game is over” rang out. The Iranian people sent a clear message about what they want — regime change, and they want it now.

Reports says that at least 20 protesters were killed by security forces and the Revolutionary Guard. According to the MEK, at least 8,000 defenseless protesters were arrested, but officials of the regime acknowledge 3,700. Some ten protesters have been killed under torture in prison, according to reliable sources. A number of protesters are indeed missing, and information regarding their condition is unavailable.

On thing the recent protests showed, was that the myths used to convince foreign policymakers that the opposition was limited to a number of exiles abroad, and that inside Iran there are only the regime’s two factions, were entirely false.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei blamed the US for plotting the protests with the MEK in a speech on January 9th. “The MEK had prepared for this months ago,” he said, adding, “The MEK’s media outlets had called for it.”

What has been made apparent is that uprising was a revolt for freedom, popular sovereignty, social justice, and prosperity. Iranian society exploded with discontent. The regime may have been able to contain the protests for the time being, but more eruptions loom on the horizon.

The president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi, put it this way, “The mullahs cannot prevent the resurgence of the uprisings because they only depend on their deeply-hated repressive organs. They have lost the most important component of their power to enchain the society…The Iranian society will not return to the conditions preceding the uprising, nor is the religious dictatorship capable of regaining its previous balance.”

On January 24th, Mrs. Rajavi told major political groups in the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, “All governments should adopt effective measures and binding decisions to compel the religious dictatorship ruling Iran to release the prisoners of the uprising, uphold freedom of expression and association, end repression and lift the compulsory veil.”

Ambassador Nikki Haley has suggested that the US demand a hearing at the UN. The High Commissioner for Human Rights should be urged, at that time, to form a committee to investigate arbitrary arrests and the deaths of detainees.

Source: TownHall – Ken Blackwell

Ken Blackwell was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission from 1991-93. He received the Superior Honor Award from the Bush(41) and Clinton administrations.

Maryam Rajavi at press conference in the Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe: Immediately free those arrested in Iran uprising

Maryam Rajavi

Dozens of protesters have been shot dead and 8,000 arrested.

Every day we hear the news of a prisoner killed under torture.

The regime’s officials, however, ridiculously claim that they have committed suicide
while in detention. A number of them are missing.


Many families are anxiously passing days and nights, not knowing anything about their children. The mullahs are not willing to account.

But Europe is silent.
Torturing prisoners to death is a crime against humanity. But I have not heard of any European government protesting this news. Why?

Where is Europe’s commitment to human rights?

Doesn’t the European Human Rights Convention also include the people of Iran?
But people are not going back into their homes.

Iran is in an explosive state and protests are continuing throughout the country.
The regime is engulfed in crises. In the past month, the value of the country’s official currency has dropped 15 per cent. The regime is doomed to fall and the Iranian people are determined to continue their struggle until they put an end to the mullahs’ religious dictatorship and establish freedom in Iran.


In such circumstances, on behalf of the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance, I urge the Council of Europe, the European Union and its member states, and the United Nations to stand beside the people of Iran and not the ruling religious fascism.

Specifically, I call for the adoption of the following steps:

1. The International Community, particularly the Council of Europe and the European Union, must adopt effective and practical measures to compel the clerical regime to free all those arrested during the uprising.
The regime must understand that it must pay a high price for opening fire on demonstrators and killing them under torture.

2. The regime must announce the names of all those arrested and all those killed under torture. They must account for those missing and if they have been murdered, the regime must announce where they have been buried.

3. An international delegation must be formed for inquiry about those killed and detained during the uprising and those who have been killed in custody. The Iranian regime must be compelled to allow this delegation to visit Iran.

4. The religious dictatorship ruling Iran does not enjoy any legitimacy. It does not have any future and investing in it is doomed to failure. All diplomatic and economic relations with the regime, must be halted. Comprehensive sanctions
must be imposed on Iran’s rulers for decades of crimes against humanity.
Iran’s economy is concentrated in Khamenei’s headquarters and in the hands of the IRGC.

Trading with this regime fuels its killing machine and its export of war and terrorism.

-Immediate freedom of the prisoners of the uprising
-Freedom of expression and association;

-No more repression and no more compulsory veil;

Now and just today.

After 39 years, enough is enough!
Thank you all, very much.