Iran: Strikes, protests reported in Tehran & across the country

Iran, Dec. 3, 2018 – As the regime ruling Iran faces increasing regional and global isolation, protests and strikes are escalating across the country, causing an even more concerning crisis for the mullahs’ regime.

Open University students rallying outside Rouhani’s office

A group of retired teachers from across Iran rallied in the capital, Tehran, on Sunday, protesting not receiving answers to their demands. Their gathering was held outside Rouhani’s office.

Minibus drivers were rallying outside Tehran’s City Council building, protesting unjust fines imposed on their line of work.

Tehran – Minibus drivers holding a protest rally outside the City Council building

A group of drivers of the Greater Tehran Bus Drivers Syndicate, and members of the Sepidar 2 and 3 housing projects, rallied outside the company office building demanding their houses after placing down payments.

In Hamedan, western Iran, taxi drivers launched a strike on Sunday protesting heavy tolls imposed on their line of work.

Hamedan – Taxi drivers on strike

High school students in Najaf Abad, central Iran, rallied on Sunday protesting poor educational programs, the addition of irrelevant books and criteria. Their gathering was held outside the city’s Education Department.

Najaf Abad – High school students protesting

Employees of the Bandar Shapour municipality in southern Iran held a protest rally demanding their delayed paychecks.

Bandar-e Khomeini – Municipality workers holding a protest rally

Bandar-e Khomeini – Municipality workers holding a protest rally

City rail workers of Ahvaz rallied for the second day on Sunday, protesting the fact that their paychecks have been delayed for 18 months. The workers were seen spreading symbolic table sheets on the ground to indicate they have nothing to eat.

Ahvaz – Second day of city railway workers’ protests

Ahvaz – Second day of city railway workers’ protests

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Sources from across Iran are continuing to report numerous protests and strikes by people from all walks of life.

In Kerman, clients of the Caspian credit firm, associated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), held a protest rally outside the company branch chanting:

“Where is the people’s money?”

“With all this embezzlement, where are the thieves heading?”

“Thieves are all hand in hand, closing the path of justice”

In Karaj, west of Tehran, personnel of the local Khomeini Hospital held a rally once again on Thursday, demanding their delayed pay checks.

In Sabzevar, northeast Iran, a group of Hakim Sabzevari University students held a gathering protesting intensive security atmosphere and crackdown measures on campus. The students are saying one of the university’s deputy deans is constantly opening more cases against student activists.

In Babol, northern Iran, clients of a regime-linked credit firm rallied on this day, demanding their stolen money returned. This gathering was held outside the city’s mayor office.

In Khorramabad, western Iran, municipality workers of the city’s third district held a protest rally demanding their pay checks that have been delayed for the past few months.


A look at protests in Iran during the month of April


Various Iranian cities are witnessing mass protests and demonstrations from its north to its east
Various Iranian cities are witnessing mass protests and demonstrations from its North to its East


PMOI/MEK,7 May  2018— Iran witnessed 452 protest rallies throughout the month of April, meaning a daily average of 15 rallies staged by credit firm clients, farmers, merchants, students, workers and other branches of the society. Economic pressures and the Iranian regime’s repressive policies were the main focus of these gatherings, marking an increase in comparison to March.

Continued protests surged in April, in addition to women and the youth overcoming all odds to take part in most of these protests.

Here’s a statistical breakdown of April’s protest rallies:

Credit firm clients: 39 rallies
Retirees: 7
Students: 16
Teachers: 8
Workers: 109
Other sectors: 245

Credit firm clients:

39 rallies organized in 13 cities were staged by credit firm clients demanding a return of their savings. Women are especially playing a significant role in these rallies as people are protesting state entities literally robbing them of their savings. Protesters in several cities were even seen resorting to throwing various objects at credit firm branches across the country.


On April 7, retirees in two different cities held rallies protesting the retirement age in Iran and authorities’ refusal to respond to their demands. For years these retirees have been deprived of a variety of services, retirement funds and pensions. The protesting retirees are also seeking a unified retirement plan and no discrimination imposed by the relevant authorities.


In April, eight cities were host to 16 different protest rallies by college students.

Students were seen holding gatherings protesting:

  1. the possibility of dissolving their campus faculty
  2. expulsion of a professor
  3. poor food quality
  4. university mismanagement
  5. long prison sentences issued for students
  6. supporting a general strike launched by store-owners and bazaar merchants of Iran’s western and northwestern provinces.


Teachers held eight gatherings in five different cities across the country throughout April, protesting authorities’ refusal to provide their delayed paychecks. There are teaches who have not received their paychecks for more than a year.

A detained teacher by the name of Mohammad Habibi was released as his colleagues continued their protests and left the authorities no choice.


109 labor protests in a span of 47 cities, commercial complexes and industrial towns throughout the month of April. This is tantamount to nearly four labor protests each day.

Paycheck delays, work dismissals, unemployment, the arrest of colleagues, their job conditions remaining an uncertainty, and employers’ practice of recruiting non-locals were all subjects of labor protests in April.

Iran: Protests of Workers, Farmers, Educators, Students and Other Deprived Classes

Iran uprising – No. 120

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13th and 14th, in addition to the protests of the uprising youth at the ceremony of Chaharshanbeh Suri (Fire Festival), the protests of fed up people continued:

1. On Tuesday, March 13, students from universities of Tehran, Allameh Tabatabai and Science and Technology, protested against the suppression of students and their arrest in the January uprising and the issuance of heavy sentences to them. Students at the University of Tehran presented a demonstration about suppression. They wrote on the banners they carried that “Evin Prison accepts students!” In a symbolic act, Allameh students staged a funeral ceremony for the “body of the student movement”. Students in Science and Technology carried a placard saying: “Imprisoned student should be freed; prison is not a place where students should be; and student dies, but does not tolerate humiliation.”

2. On March 14, Ahwaz steel workers held their protest in front of Ahwaz Governorate for the twenty-third day. The workers chanted slogans against the government and in favor of the workers’ rights. The protesters formed a human chain in the streets leading to the governorate and demanded the presence of governor.


3. Farmers in the eastern villages of Isfahan who demand their rights to water of Zayandeh Rood River continued their sit-ins and protest at the shore of the river.

4. Thousands of people from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari rallied in protest of the regime’s devastating policies regarding the agricultural water situation and the misery of the residents of villages and cities and chanted slogans in this regard.

5. Farmers in the Sheikh Ajam village in the Fath al-Mubin district of Shoosh called for the allocation of agricultural water to their farms by gathering at water gates.

6. A group of educators and their families were arrested in protest at the arrest of Mohammad Habibi, the teacher who was arrested at his school in Shahriar.

7. Workers in Phase 14 of South Pars in Kangan went on strike in protest of the failure to pay their delayed salaries.

8. Workers at the Hafez Tile Factory in Shiraz, who have received no salaries for one year, set up a protest rally in front of the governor’s office.

9. Iranian metallurgical powder workers in Qazvin gathered in front of the governorate in protest against the non-payment of their salaries for six months as well as their New Year bonus.

10. A group of Qazvin meter producing factory workers who have been deprived of their salaries and benefits and have not received their New Year bonuses of 2016 and 2017 protested in the factory premises.

11. Persian Gulf Hospital personnel in Bushehr gathered to protest against the non- payment of their delayed salary.

12. Protest gathering of drivers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company in front of the municipality and city council continues after four weeks. They demand the delivery of their houses they have paid for five years ago.

13. On Tuesday, port service workers of the Khomeini Port ferry company gathered in front of the General Directorate of Ports and Maritime of Khuzestan Province. They object to a bill that reduces the salaries of the sailors and other workers of the company from the beginning of the Iranian new year. According to this bill, the fee for service of 400 sailors and simple workers of the company, which ranges from 500,000 to 1 million Tomans (one quarter or one eighth of the poverty line), will be even less, and the workers will be in a much worse situation.

14. The people looted by Caspian Institute in Rasht gathered in front of the Golsar Branch of the Institute. They chanted: “Iran’s banks are thieves; they steal your money”; “Demand of every Iranian: Rouhani’s impeachment”; “We do not want promises; we want our money”.

15. Dismissed employees of the Gachsaran oil and gas company gathered outside the building of the company in protest at expulsion, several months of uncertainty, and lack of payment of their delayed salary.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 16, 2018

Continued Protests by Farmers, Workers, Students, Looted People and Other Social Strata in Iran


the massive protests of eastern Isfahan farmers
The massive protests of eastern Isfahan farmers


Iran Uprising – No. 114

On Sunday, March 11, in addition to the massive protests of eastern Isfahan farmers, protests by students, families of political prisoners, working and retired Ahvaz steel workers, and other strikes, protests and demonstrations continued across the country:

1. Workers of the Natanz steel and smelting complex continued their strike for the second day in a protest against the non-payment of their months of past due salaries.

2. Workers of the Kavir Yazd Tile manufacturing gathered in protest against unemployment and failure to pay their salaries for months in front of the Governorate and then marched in the city. The workers chanted: “Today is the day of mourning, the life of the worker is at risk today”. On their banners they wrote: “We, the workers of the Kavir tilem, are hungry; and Kavir tile = poverty and misery.”

3. Workers from Ahvaz Sewage & Water Septic Company gathered in front of the company in Kianpars to receive their three months’ overdue salary.

4. Tehran City Municipal contract workers protested against the failure to pay their salaries by gathering in front of the municipality building.

5. The workers of Iran Poplin’s company in Rasht protested for the second day against non-payment of three months’ salary, as well as their new year bonuses.

6. The employees of the Zamyad Automobile Company protested for delay in paying their salaries and bonuses.

7. A group of retired people from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad gathered in Yasouj to protest against the imbalance in salary and failure to pay their claims in front of the regime’s governorate.

8. A group of municipal workers in Abadan protested against not paying 9 months of their salary and four years of insurance premiums.

9. The dismissed staff of the Arman Vahdat Institute (nations) gathered in Khorramabad in front of this government’s fraud institute. They object to their dismissal and the failure to pay their salaries, benefits and new year bonuses.

10. A large crowd of people in Kashan protested the deteriorating state of roads and accidents causing their loved ones to die and closed off the Kashan to Barzok road.

11. Protest rally of civil engineering students continued for the fifth time in front of the regime’s parliament in Tehran. They have been discredited because of the changes in the titles of engineering bachelor’s degrees, and their employment status is compromised.

12. “Snap” taxi drivers in Isfahan protested against unfair fares, which poured into the pockets of the regime’s leaders.

13. Protest gathering of a group of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company drivers for five-year delay in delivering their homes entered its fourth week.

14. The looted people of the Velayate Andisheh gathered to protest the plunder of their deposits in front of the regime’s parliament.

15. Several builders in the construction industry in Mashhad protested a several fold increase in social security pledges. It was written on the banner in their hands: “You are welcome to the mourning of the building industry. We can no longer continue.”

16. A group of contractors from the Tehran municipality gathered in protest against the non-payment of their claims in front of Tehran City Council. They chanted: “We do not want an incompetenet council.”

17. A group of employees of the Edalat Equity Cooperatives gathered in protest of the uncertainty about their job status and the failure to pay their outstanding salaries.

18. The residents of the Ashk Talkh Street in Kermanshah gathered to protest the five-month uncertainty and lack of accountability of the mayor of the region to pave the street.

Protesters of Pabdana coal mine workers in Zarand, dismissed workers of Gachsaran oil and gas company, workers of Slaughterhouse of Ilam Dam, workers of Shafarood dam in Rezvanshahr, workers of Iranian aluminum production factory (Iralko) in Arak, workers of Hamedan and Bushehr municipalities, as well as protest of looted people of state institutions in Tehran, Mashhad and Zanjan and dismissed employees of these institutions, protest by a number of merchants of the Plasco building in Tehran, and the protest rally of the ravaged people of the Kouye Ali Abad in the Barval district of Ahvaz were among the protests of Saturday March 10.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 12, 2018

Iran: Statement of Amir Kabir University Gathering in Support of Detained Students

NCRI – Students from the University of Amir Kabir (formerly Tehran Polytechnic) staged a rally and issued a statement in a protest against the arrest and detention of their classmates. They demanded to resolve the current security atmosphere of universities and abolish the prosecution of students detained in the early January protests.

Iran: Strikes, Demonstrations and Protests by Tehran Polytechnic University Students

Iran Uprising – No. 113

Relatives of detainees of Women’s Day demonstration, and Ahvaz steel workers joined the protesters

On Sunday, March 11, protests and strikes became more widespread. In addition to farmers in Isfahan, the families of the detainees, workers, students and various walks of people staged demonstrations and protest.

1. Students at the Polytechnic University in Tehran demonstrated and protested against the issuance of heavy sentences for students arrested during the January uprising. While carrying the photos of arrested students, they chanted: “Imprisoned student must be freed”; “political prisoner must be freed”. Basij militants attacked protesting students, battered them, and tore the photos of imprisoned students. Students confronted them chanting “shame on you”.

2. Families of those arrested on the International Women’s Day (March 8th) gathered in front of the Evin Prosecutor’s Office and the Ershad Court in Tehran for several consecutive days for the release of their relatives. The regime’s judiciary officials refuse to respond to them. About 80 women were arrested in front of the regime’s labor ministry in Tehran during the International Women’s Day demonstration, where at least 20 of them were taken to jail.

3. The strike of Ahvaz steel workers continued for the twentieth day. They gathered outside the Khuzestan governorate and chanted slogans such as: “We shall resist, we shall die, but we shall get our right back”, “Death to the oppressor, hail to workers”, etc.

4. 200 retired Ahvaz steel workers marched in the city following their protests the day before and after they gathered in front of the Pension Fund. They chanted: “Resign incompetent minister!”, “Our problems will be solved with just one less embezzlement”. They also revealed, with their slogans, the lies of Nobakht, the spokesperson for the Rouhani government, and regime’s other officials who have looted the assets of the fund.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 12, 2018